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I am a passionate, honest and creative Career coach. Since a very young age I´ve been a “restless butt” always aiming for adventure and change, I´ve been always interested in personal growth. I travelled a lot for both work and pleasure. I am an optimistic (but not delusional) dreamer: I want to change the world and we can only change it first, by changing our own world. I think it only takes one person to change it: YOU.

Professional background

Life and Executive Coach certifications Mentoring certification 10 years leading and coaching teams

How I work

I help women unsatisfied with their career to find their purpose and get the confidence to make the heart-led change career-wise to thrive finally and feel fulfilled. Check what my clients says:



When is too late to change car

When we think about changing careers, the first thing we think about is age. At which age is best to change jobs?

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Identify your natural skills

Do you know your natural skills? Do you feel that you need always to make an effort at your current job to be successful?

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Five Questions to write your career vision statement

Do you think in five years you will be at your current job? How do you feel about it? What is your strategy career-wise?

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Your Career mission on the making

Do you know your mission? Here you have the top 3 questions to discover your career mission, and build your statement.

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Passion vs Purpose

Difference between Passion and Purpose. Coaching questions to figure out your purpose.

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Developing Courage

Inspirational post, to develop couarage.

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