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I'm a certified life coach through New Skills Academy. I specialize in career coaching for those that want to: increase their success at their current job, acquire a better job, achieve educational goals or start a business. Aside from being a life coach I'm an author, a Christian minister and I have a Christian ministry. I did volunteer work as a board certified pastoral counselor for six years. I'm currently in Indianapolis, IN.

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Certified Life Coach

How I work

I like to pay attention to relevant details whenever there's an important job to do. I believe that it's best to focus on the task at hand to ensure that things are done the right way. With my role as a life coach, I understand that it's important to help the clients that I serve. I understand that I must pay close attention, use effective communication and build trust.



Coaching for Family and Relationships

How life coaching can be useful for improving relationships with family or spouse.

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Coaching for Career Enhancement

How life coaching can help people with their current careers.

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Writer's Coach Program

Special life coaching program that's specially tailored to aspiring writers.

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Fulfillment Through Career Success

This article is about how a greater sense of fulfillment, or satisfaction, can be achieved through career success. It also describes the routes that are associated with obtaining a successful career.

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