Lynda Bachman

Life Coach

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I am a certified life and health coach accredited through the ICF, with a true passion for making a difference in the world. I love helping others achieve their goals and work through life’s trials and tribulations. My love for what I do and integrity are my biggest motivators. I believe that life is as simple as we make it, tears are inevitable, laughter is the best medicine, and most importantly the world is a beautiful place with more to offer than we realize.

Professional background

Certified Life and Health Coach

How I work

We discover your vision and goals. I then work WITH you, coaching and supporting you every step of the way. We have fun, all while learning the skills and knowledge to form new habits and a more fulfilled lifestyle. Let your past guide you, not decide you.



Choice is yours!

Old you or the new you… Which will you choose? The only way change will happen is if you make a change.

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