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Hello my name is Austin Rogers, I'm from Anchorage, Alaska and currently 25 years old. I have lived almost all my life here and am exploring the opportunity of working remotely so that I can travel while still helping people. I also train in Brazilian JiuJitsu and enjoy all things outdoors, mainly backcountry skiing and mountain biking. All in all, I just am looking to move into the next chapter of my life and explore new ways to help people.

Professional background

Counselor, Supervisor, Caregiver

How I work

I worked as a referee during my highschool days, then I worked as a Caregiver working with people who have various disabilities for about four years. I currently work at a treatment center for youth with substance use issues I started out as a part time floor staff while going to school, then became full time floor staff, then a Chemical Dependency Counselor, and am now a Supervisor. I am now looking for a new experience to further expand my career.


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