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Working and serving people fulfils me as a professional and as a person. In my practice, I use deep listening to guide clients to shift their perceptions and to change the stories they tell themselves and others. The result-oriented coaching approach is my coaching signature. I witness how my clients are becoming more confident and bolder. I empower them to trust their own “guts”, keep them focused on their goals and inspire them to take the first step.

Professional background

ACC professional coach with 15 years HR background

How I work

“What aren’t you telling me?” is the one question I often use to help them face the things they normally tend to hide. My experience shows this approach to be a powerful, freeing way for them to show up. On the other hand, asking clients what’s the one way they are finding accomplishments nowadays in the world and how does this way hold them back from moving onto the next level of success, provokes a different perspective and a mindset expansion.



  • Silvia

    Working with Julia was the best investment I have ever made! No matter how stuck I felt at times, she could always find the right method/questions/tool to boost my progress and after every session with her, I was feeling energized and full of ideas. My time with Julia was a life-changing experience and I will always be grateful for having her in my life.

  • Tibor

    I found my coaching session with Julia extremely valuable. She genuinely guided me through my current challenges by supporting me to focus on my values, and see the bigger picture and then creating tangible actions steps to bring my business idea to the next level. I felt her presence, authenticity, and great experience, creating a safe space for me to explore, expand and come up with new ideas during our work. I left the session with clarity, focus and increased motivation. Thank you so much, Julia. I really recommend her work!

  • Goritsa

    Julia is an excellent coach with extraordinary listening abilities and can very well guide me to uncover the answers that lie within me. She's very skilled and perceptive to where one is coming from. She helped me deal with my issues of self-doubt and questioning my abilities. She also helped me deal with a great deal of my self-sabotaging behaviors. She's very kind and honest, and compassionate to top that off. I highly recommend her.

  • Alex

    Working with Julia was a powerful experience. I felt that I was coached by a professional from the very first minutes of my coaching. Everything - the tone of her voice, the questions, even the pauses were supporting me to find resources for solving my business challenges. After the session, I felt empowered to achieve my goals and become more productive in my life.

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