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As a Life Coach the passion that goes into each and every session with my clients is unmatched. I absolutely love helping people through the trials of everyday life because I have been through it all. I will help you navigate those trials and come out with a better sense of purpose and the knowledge to overcome the next thing that comes your way. Through our one on one sessions, Mantras, and journal writing, lets go on this journey together.

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Certified Life Coach, Author

How I work

As Certified Life Coach and Author Cashme' Lee has overcome many trials that life has presented her with. In her process of healing & forgiveness, she became aware of her purpose. She developed a mechanism to help fuel others from her experiences. Affirmations are a great way of coping & manifesting. With continuous vulnerable compilation of affirmations, that has fostered personal growth for Coach Lee, she hopes it has the aptitude to do the same for the introspective reader & client.