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I am a registered nurse, worked many different roles. Mainly been in leadership, management, and education. I also have a background in counselling with depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorder. I am also a certified coach through the federation. I have done alot of work myself, and have overcome many barriers. I grew up around the world and in very toxic environments. healing and living our fullest to flourish has been a life long goal. I love the outdoors and being active and growth.

Professional background

Nurse/ counselling

How I work

My background has been with trauma clients, where we used mainly cognitive behavioral therapy . I have worked with anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorders. Professional development is also something i have done, and worked closely to mentor individuals. As a nurse as well I have done a lot of counselling with individuals trying to live their best life with chronic diseases. My approach is laid back, and strength based. I work with you to explore and use your strength to grow.



7 Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress can affect us in so many ways, psychological, physiological, and emotionally

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Why do we feel the way we do?

Our thoughts are formulated young from our experiences and they influence our emotions and behaviors

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Our Thoughts

Our brain is a wonderful organ, and the way it works is understood but not fully.

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