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I love helping founders and CEOs further their ideas and build their dreams. I have a passion for human potential and igniting the energy and creativity in all I work with. I have a highly inquisitive nature and I'm drawn to solving world problems, which is what originally drew me into the sciences in my youth, but now plays out in my coaching. I am a practical creative, a determined optimist and a systems thinker. I love rock climbing, yoga, music and anything to do with water.

Professional background

Business Coaching; Life and Leadership Coaching; Founder and Director; Scientist

How I work

I coach 1-2-1 via zoom and design and host group and team coaching experiences. I have a background in water sciences, biosciences, and technology development having built a product based company in the UK. The product was a brand new technology developed and patented within the organisation and promoted into a new market. This challenging process has given me a wide-range of experience that I am keen to draw on in my coaching, but ultimately I am developing you as a person and as a leader.



Rethinking 2020: 6 tips to deal with inevitable change

Change is something that happens around us, transition is what happens within us. This article presents ideas of how to deal with the internal recalibration needed in the face of change, but also the idea that as we are faced with constant change, we ar

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