Fergus MacClure

Career Coach

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I help people make real change in their lives through insights, education and self-discovery. I focus on key internal sub-conscious elements that hold people back. I love my life here in New Zealand. I have a diverse array of interests. I am passionate about health, fitness, community connections, relationships, accessing your full potential and enjoying this life to the full.

Professional background

Life coach, personal trainer, teacher and youth worker.

How I work

I have a background in youth work, life coaching, teaching and sports coaching. After working on my career direction and developing my mission statement, I discovered I could combine my skills, gifts and passion into what I was best in helping others in. After having worked with hundreds of people discover their career and mission directions, I realise there were some real key things people could put into place in order to stay long term in a direction. My mission is to help people find that