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Hello my name is takedra anderson I'm 30 years old I'm a nurse, a expert at drawing blood. I like working in the clinic. I've achieved many things I'm a business administrator I create websites and write blogs. I feel that it is beneficial for me to represent my self with a good self esteem. I can use my self as a director because I have many directions and I set appointments with folks to discuss what issues they what to overcome through listening, hearing, smelling, and breathing.

Professional background

I'm a writer, I listen to problems I love solving issues, I'm very dedicated to my work, I live healthy I prepare my own

How I work

I work well by my self I choose to prepare my clients and figure out the issue first had and then come up with the action and the plan. If i cant find a resolution then they would have to choose another type of service. I won't waste any time. Health is very important and if you cant find what is the cause people would just be sad about there problems and never get better. The common goal for me for my clients get proper rest exercise and plan a meal that will not have so much fat and carbs.



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How does the body work to relieve stress

How does the body and mind and physical organs work due to diffrent ways to relieve stress.

Takedra Anderson  | 6 February, 2021

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Celebrating your sleep

People loose sleep everyday over a loss of friends, animal, restlessness, lack of breath, frigid sleeping patterns.

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