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I studied Psychology, Self Development and qualified from Yale University. I acquired understanding wisdom & knowledge. I specialize in helping others, especially in marital relationships to overcome negative situations. I help persons to reap new & positive results & good changes. Am originally from London and moved in 2000 to live in Athens Greece where I reside.

Professional background

Well Being - Health Coach

How I work

I work with one on one sessions over a period of some weeks or months, as required. You can book per session as you go or choose a package - I help you to recognise the root of problems, heal and rewire your mental state and gain understanding of verbal & spiritual truths in order and help you develop self well being and beneficial changes to your life. I personally believe that one needs to use all truths of mind, soul, spirit & body to gain lasting progress.



Well Being - What is Love

Well Being - What is Love ?

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Well Being - Mind Body Spirit & Soul

Well Being - Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul all of these are interconnected each needs the appropriate care.

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Well Being - Self Gain

Self Gain after a loss and grief gain self esteem and raise your value & self worth

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Well Being - The Art of Happiness

The choice to be happy despite prevalent circumstance's has not only been associated with science mindful focus

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Well Being - Spiritual Truths Bring Life

Spiritual Truths bring not only Well being but Life...........

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Well Being - Solutions

Well Being - Solutions to problems just melt away when you learn How to focus differently.......

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