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I've had the honour of supporting hundreds of learners since 2006. Aside from my passion for teaching, I'm a musician, an avid reader and film-lover! This makes me appreciated the need for maintaining a healthy balance in life, which I use to support my students with their educational development, not just their grades and results. It isn't unusual for me to embed learning by connecting it to real-life, for example.

Professional background

Qualified teacher, UK & Global English Tutor

How I work

I work closely with UK-based and international families to support learners through their educational milestones. This includes preparation for entrance exams, including Verbal Reasoning if needed, GCSE Literature and Language and general National Curriculum support. My reputation has been built on an approach that prioritises building confidence and skills, not just knowledge. In my experience, improved results and grades quickly follow. I also offer free out-of-lesson support.