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I have encountered numerous amounts of traumatic experiences throughout my childhood leading all the way through my teens. As the years passed by they grew more intense and the feeling of fear, feeling anxious & depressed all surpassed and transformed into different forms of personality strengths that I hold today. I'm against one judging another for any quality they have about them, everyone is the same & as capable as the next. Money shouldnt be used as a way of categorizing each person.

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I plan to help anyone with any problems/concerns/worries/querys that they have. Also here to be a friend and available at all times that I am awake. Will never pass a person's issue without telling them that I simply cant be of help. It's my passion to explore and assist other peoples needs and help the people in need get what they require to approach a better understanding of emotional security for a better life & hopefully for them to pass on the way they learn to deal with things to others.




Detailed description of my view on Covid-19 as a free speech citizen. Without means to argue just a question on the subject.

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Defying Anxiety

A personal opinion to understand a different theory of Anxiety by getting down to facts of everyday life and what causes it.

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