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Life Coach

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I have spent 20 years helping individuals that needed a new life. With spiritual, and natural everyday life problem. I have advised and counsel and motivated all kinds of people young and old. I was a Pastor for 15 years I have mentor and helped indivduals with sudical, depression, mental illness, childhood abuse, domestic volience , relationships, Marriages, and more. If you need answers I have the exprience and expertise to help you change your life and give you solution to your problems.

Professional background

Counselor, Mentor, Advocate, Pastor Public Speaker, Group Therapy, Mental illness Counselor, Youth Leader,

How I work

I have a great passion and love to help people with their life problems. I have saw so many lives change with me engaging and comunicating and helping them to reslove the issuse they have at hand. I have helped indivdulas and groups of people. I put my clients and there recovering at the center of my attention. My hope and desires is to see them totally healed and free for their anxiety, stress anger and depression and all their problems. I will give you a free intake session. Its time to heal.



How to deal with stress

We are living in a world today where there is so much pressure and anxeity. That causes a lot of stress and pain.

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