Olga Adam

Life Coach

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Do you feel stuck? Do you have the feeling that you are living a life that is not yours? Do you feel deep inside that one or more areas in your life do not go as they should? Do you have the feeling of running around in circles and no matter what the same old situations “show up” at your doorsteps? If your feeling is yes then I invite you to come on this trip with me. A trip that will release you and you will finally get rid of the “old self” that has been caging you for years.

Professional background

Life Coach. Certified NLP practitioner.

How I work

Nothing makes me happier than helping people and seeing true transformation. Passion for people together with a high sensitivity for people has brought me here. Thanks to studies conducted in the past 14 years my journey has included from study of different spiritual flows and energy practices combined with a psychological approach. All answers are inside of you, let me help you find your path towards it. (if you can not afford the fee, send me a message and together we will come to agreement).