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I have owned by own business since the age of 20. During this period I have completed a Life Coaching Diploma and have worked with hundreds of staff members to help improve there pathway and development within their career. Part of my role is also to work with business owners to help develop their businesses to improve structure, processes and ways of thinking to ensure that they smash their goals!

Professional background

Education, Sport, Football, Business Owner

How I work

My work is very personable, I am very open to challenge and new ways of thinking. I will open your mind in to ways of thinking and seeing what you can achieve. There are 2 ways in seeing the world, 1. You can see the thing you want or 2. You can see the thing stopping you getting the thing you want. My aim is to ensure you always see number 1.



The way you see the world!

A story about overcoming adversity....

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