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My objective as a Vibrational Alignment Coach is not to change the behavior of my clients but to assist them in aligning their thoughts, beliefs & expectations to match their innermost desires. In doing so, they create the perfect atmosphere that allows what they are wanting, to move from their vibrational reality and Breakthrough/Manifest into their physical reality, where they themselves and others can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch it. What you focus on you are attracting to your life

Professional background

Vibrational Alignment Coach at RESET Life Coaching, LLC, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified Christian Coach

How I work

I co-create with clients using tools and techniques that quiet the mind and retrain their thoughts, thus allowing them to focus more consistently on what they are wanting, rather than the absence of it. Some techniques that I use: Meditation, Scripting, Pre-paving, Focus wheels and the appropriate application of the law of attraction to cultivate an ideal energetic atmosphere that is a reflection of what they are wanting. When thoughts beliefs and expectations match, manifestion must follow.


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Law of Attraction ( how it works)

Understanding how you create your own reality.

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The relationship between you and your vortex.

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Whatever You Focus on, Expands.

Conscious Deliberate Creating

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How to Attract The Love You Desire

How to Manifest Romantic Love

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