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Hi, I am a Life coach that predominantly works with women who have become disconnected from themselves and feel lost, lacking in direction, self confidence, self love and an inability to create the life they truly want and deserve. I have a passion for discovering new ways to help my clients and impacting the collective through my work. I believe in equality, freedom of expression and the right to chase your dreams no matter where you have come from or what you have experienced.

Professional background

Social Work, Counsellor, Life coach

How I work

I work holistically, using Psychology based strategies, but also healing therapies such as NLP (Neuro linguistic programming),EFT (Emotional freedom technique),TRE(Trauma release exercises), Havening, Meditation and MIndfulness. Clients can work with me one to one or in one of my coaching groups and also gain access to my courses. I work by the hour in most cases, but flexibility is always offered and use mainly skype and zoom for the sessions.



Why do we lose the ability to love ourselves?

I spent so much time trying to find myself, then I realised I had been there all the time.

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What is FEAR costing you?

Fear is always going to be part of your life, it's there to show you what you need to overcome in order to be phenomenal!

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The biggest reason you may be living in lack

'Without love, our earth is a tomb' Robert Browning

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The importance of 'Emotional Intelligence'

Is a high I.Q? All you need to get by in life? Or is there something else just as valuable that you need to learn ?

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Change your life with this practice

Struggling with morning motivation? Then read and apply. In one hour you can change your whole day!

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Taking personal responsibility

The quality of our lives depends completely on us. What we seek we will find, what we focus on will become our reality.

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Why it's important to heal

Regardless of whether we caused our own wounds or someone else did, we still have a responsibility to heal ourselves.

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