Amanda Smith

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I am passionate about making a difference through education, training, and development. From research in career exploration and decision making, I gained insight into the process and have used the knowledge to help students probe their interests, evaluate their abilities, and think about their values. Through questionnaires, assessment, discussion, exercise, and research, I help students navigate the path to success in career and personal life.

Professional background

MSEd., LSWA. Certified Professional Development Consultant. Health Professions Teaching Credentials. Certified LMS Coa

How I work

Stage 1 - Discussion & Data Collection Stage 2 - Evaluation & Exploration Stage 3 - Research & Decision Making Stage 4 - Preparation & Execution Stage 5 - Resources & Follow Up



Perceived occupational barriers among Mexican American college students

Mexican-American college students completed a questionnaire about their perceptions of occupational barriers.

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Assessment of Attributions for Career Decision-Making

Evaluation of the reliability and validity of the Assessment of Attributions for Career Decision Making (AACDM).

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Obstacles in your path to success

Locus of Control

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