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Im a certified relationship coach and I work with women who have baggage who need help leveraging the law of attraction. We create a powerful dating mindset so that you never settle again. In order to leverage the law of attraction you need to say YES to what you do want and NO to what you don't want. Together I will take you on a journey of self discovery where you will identify and release limiting beliefs and blocks holding you back from the love you want and deserve.

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Im a certified professional relationship coach. I coach women with baggage who need help leveraging the law of attractio

How I work

Not only am I a certified professional relationship coach I am also a trauma survivor and a women with loads of baggage. I've been in toxic relationships my whole life and I know what it means to settle, to put myself last, and to go through breakups and heartache again and again. What makes me a great coach is my personal experience. I create a safe space for you to express and share your feelings and I listen with empathy and compassion.



How You Harm Yourself & Your Relationship Potential

Toxic and limiting beliefs and behaviors that harm you and your relationship potential.

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