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I'm a single divorced momma and an entrepreneur. My marriage and subsequent divorce brought me to where I am today. The biggest lesson for me was about self worth & self esteem, and living a life that is aligned to my core values & my true essence. This realization was a gift for me. A gift that I would like to give away to other women who are still suffering and need support. Hopefully, I am helping women rebuild a life and love they want and deserve. A life that illustrates their worth.

Professional background

I'm a certified divorce life coach. I help single moms heal, recover & rebuild after divorce & heartbreak.

How I work

I work 1-1 & in group settings. My coaching sessions usually have 4 modalities. Coaching/teaching, sharing/empathetic listening, meditations & visualization practices. I create a safe space for my clients to share their deepest concerns and areas of struggle. I have extensive knowledge & experience in trauma bonding, toxic/narcissistic abuse & codependency.



How You Harm Yourself & Your Relationship Potential

Toxic and limiting beliefs and behaviors that harm you and your relationship potential.

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