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My journey of discovery has been long (and it's still ongoing!). I've unpacked a whole caravan's worth of baggage and met many amazing people along the way. If you're ready to discover a lighter, brighter YOU, then reach out! In terms of coaching, it's not so much about the system (although systems are key!). It's about collaboration, engagement and a quality of spaciousness to explore next steps. If you'd like to have a companion for this leg of your journey, call me! Free consultation.

Professional background

Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, owner Mindful Refocus, coach Accessible Caree

How I work

Most good systems for coaching are based on the very sound underpinnings of mindfulness and respect for the client's ability to resolve their issues in ways that work for THEM. I'm a trained Core Energy coach with some experience in several additional systems, one of which I wrote. I'll listen, we'll explore options, then offer choices and design a way ahead that's meant for YOU. I'll recommend options and offer specific resources. But YOU will decide what the work looks like.


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