Dharan Murali


36 $ / session
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Specialised in Narrative, Reality, Couples and Family Therapy. Experience working on following issues: addiction, mental health, medical, financial, social, emotional, rehabilitation, spiritual, crisis, trauma, suicidal, self harming, family violence, depression, anxiety and stress management etc. Worked with: children, youth, couples, families and elderly. Presently studying on nlp, hypnotherapy, meditation and metaphysical counselling. Will provide: Counselling, Guidance and Support.

Professional background

Counselling and Social Work

How I work

E-mail me at [email protected] Could meet me online via zoom, skype or teams. 45 minutes to 60 min per session. Two to three times per week.



Article cover
How to Argue Diligently?

Guides readers on how to argue diligently without exhausting their energy.

Dharan Murali  | 9 January, 2021

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Strategic Thinking Made Easy

Guides readers with easy steps in applying strategic thinking.

Dharan Murali  | 24 December, 2020

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Critical Thinking Questions to Solve Problems

Expands the thinking scope of readers and guides them in problem solving skills.

Dharan Murali  | 19 December, 2020

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Climb out of your Problems using ROPES

Guides readers to solve problems.

Dharan Murali  | 12 December, 2020

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Develop Reasoning Skills

This article guides readers on understanding and applying reasoning skills.

Dharan Murali  | 11 December, 2020

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Three Things To Know Before Doing any Tasks

This article inspires readers to sustain motivation when doing any tasks.

Dharan Murali  | 3 December, 2020

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Reverence to Self-Reflections: The Gateway to Higher Sense of Self-Awareness

This article highlights the importance of self- reflection and guides reader on self-questioning.

Dharan Murali  | 30 November, 2020

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The Prowess of Conscious Actions

The article highlights the importance of conscious actions in our daily life.

Dharan Murali  | 28 November, 2020