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Specialised in Narrative, Reality, Couples and Family Therapy. Experience working on following issues: addiction, mental health, medical, financial, social, emotional, rehabilitation, spiritual, crisis, trauma, suicidal, self harming, family violence, depression, anxiety and stress management etc. Worked with: children, youth, couples, families and elderly. Presently studying on nlp, hypnotherapy, meditation and metaphysical counselling. Will provide: Counselling, Guidance and Support.

Professional background

Counselling and Social Work

How I work

E-mail me at [email protected] Could meet me online via zoom, skype or teams. 45 minutes to 60 min per session. Two to three times per week.



The Five Cs That Hinder A Happy Relationship

Guides readers to be conscious about the five Cs that affect a relationship.

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Three Great Ways To Create A Fulfilling and Happy Relationship Between Couples

To help and guide couples to improve and strengthen their relationship.

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The Forgiveness Model

How to Practice The Forgiveness Model To Enhance and Strengthen The Relationship Between Couples?

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The 8 Great Tips To Have a Good Relationship With Your Partner

To Improve Relationship With Your Partner

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Managing Family Violence

Guides briefly on Managing Family Violence

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Three Things To Know Before Doing any Tasks

This article inspires readers to sustain motivation when doing any tasks.

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How to Argue Diligently?

Guides readers on how to argue diligently without exhausting their energy.

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Strategic Thinking Made Easy

Guides readers with easy steps in applying strategic thinking.

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Reverence to Self-Reflections: The Gateway to Higher Sense of Self-Awareness

This article highlights the importance of self- reflection and guides reader on self-questioning.

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The Prowess of Conscious Actions

The article highlights the importance of conscious actions in our daily life.

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Develop Reasoning Skills

This article guides readers on understanding and applying reasoning skills.

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Critical Thinking Questions to Solve Problems

Expands the thinking scope of readers and guides them in problem solving skills.

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Climb out of your Problems using ROPES

Guides readers to solve problems.

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Easy Workouts To Stay Fit

This article teaches easy workouts to keep fit.

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