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I am a soulful individual full of gratitude, compassion, love and fun! It wasn’t always that way though. I spent much of my life feeling as though I didn’t ‘fit in’, and I'm also a recovering ‘burnout victee’. I worked as an Events Manager for years before following my true calling as an INSIDE OUT Coach & Energy Practitioner. I help women on their awakening path to create lasting change from the inside out, by cultivating self-approval from within.

Professional background

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Life Coach, Group Workshop Coach & Energy Therapist

How I work

I help women on their awakening path to create lasting change by cultivating self-approval from within. I take a holistic approach and focus on our 4 bodies - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. From this internal place, I help clients take ownership of their lives in order to create their own version of success whether in career, relationships or life. No more people pleasing, listening to our inner critic or feeling 'less than', it's time to step into your greatness.



The Quickest Way to Free Your Mind

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, worried or panicked? That's okay. Breathe. It's normal. We all have these moments.

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Mindfulness Practice!

In this article, I share a simple but really powerful practice to help you come out of your mind and into your body.

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