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"Healer heal yourself. Then you can help others do the same." That is the Native American philosophy and that of most Native cultures. Although I studied classical psychology (master's degree, Boston, 96), I am a rather unconventional therapist. Having had a cult experience myself from ages 20 to 27, I had a long journey of self-healing. I explored conventional psychology and alternative therapies such as Rebirthing, NLP, Native American drum journeys, and Katathym Imaginative therapy.

Professional background

Counselling Psychologist and certified Stress Management Trainer - cult trauma, depression, stress, anxiety

How I work

Your well-being is my goal. As a Counseling Psychologist and stress management trainer with over 20 years of experience, I can say that the success of the therapy depends largely therapeutic relationship between client and therapist, the therapist's empathy, and the client's investment in the therapy, i.e. your wish to be well. I can provide you with the strategies, support, and impulses to heal yourself and create the life you want. Contact me now for a session. CU



The History of Cult Mind Abuse: Thought Reform and The Psychology of Totalism

“Under certain kinds of stress or duress, individuals can be made to comply with the demands of those in power" 93, West

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Cults in our midst - How to recognise a cult

A cult can be defined as an unethical organization using manipulative techniques to undermine a person’s freedom of mind.

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Dr. Philip Zimbardo's prison experiment & liberation psychology

Dr. Zimbardo, creator of the infamous prison experiment, espoused liberation psychology. Freedom psychology is the next step

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Cult Mind Control : How to heal yourself from cult trauma

A cult experience can be extremely unsettling as it can entail physical as well as mental and emotional trauma.

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