Margaret Kanu

Life Coach

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My name is Margaret and I am a life coach I am also a qualified social worker. I feel that I’ve always been a life coach to people around me, I just didn’t know the term for it. I have encountered many challenges in my life, all of which have helped me to grow and learn. Part of what I’ve learned is that no one situation is permanent, you just need the right tools to help you deal with whatever situation you’re in. I have excellent listening skills and optimistic.

Professional background

I am a qualified Social Worker practicing in the UK. I am currently undertaking my Life coaching Diploma

How I work

I am a virtual life coach. Customer can choose which method is best for them (text, phone calls, e-mails etc...) The number of sessions required by the customer will be discussed at our first session. The first and most important thing for me is to listen to what the person wants to achieve from our sessions together and the situation they wish to discuss. If we are compatible, because I think that compatibility is important, we can take it from there.