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Most coaches have a lot to say, I have a lot to listen from you, to know how to work with you, and know exactly how to help you reach your goal: because you are here to get results and not wasting time and cash, right? Overtime they started calling me "The No-nonsense coach" because that is exactly the type of approach I have. I like to be effective and create the right plan tailored for your goal, like I did with the people I have coached. I am Italian, born and raised.

Professional background

Behavioural studies, Coaching

How I work

During my life I've faced a lot of hard times, and I learned to overcome situations and get the best out of everything I had in front of me. I pair this to my competence in human Behaviour, my extensive experience in coaching and the passion to get the job done fory clients. E-mails or skype calls can be our way to communicate, you can also upload a video or a voice message if you want to: you pick what is most comfortable for you, but direct conversation and interaction is always the best.


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