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My name is Fahima Hassan, I am a certified life coach and an inspirational writer. I hold a bachelors degree in social work. My goal is to help individuals all over the world tap into their greatness. I want to guide individuals to live the life they have envisioned for themselves by giving them the tools and guidance they need. We will work together to get rid of self limiting believes, patterns and behaviors that have held you back from living the life you truly want. Get in touch today.

Professional background

I am a Social Worker and a Certified Life Coach.

How I work

I do one on one sessions and group sessions. I do over the phone or video calling as well, it is up to the clients preference. Go to my website to see the different services I offer.



Setting Goals

How to set your goals and believe in yourself.

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Ways to improve Communcation

This post is about communication.

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Healthy Habits That Changed My Life.

I am sharing healthy habits that changed my life.

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You are capable and deserving

This article is about knowing that you are capable and deserving of doing whatever you put your mind to.

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Be patient with yourself.

This article is about prioritizing yourself and not allowing others to mistreat you.

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