Pranoti Gupta

Life Coach

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I am a trained teaching professional and life coach looking forward to upgrading my skills as a life coach. I believe every individual is unique. With a flexible, open-minded, fun-loving, and patient approach, I have a proven ability to encourage children and adults to achieve their potential and make a positive difference in young peoples' lives. Learning is a journey; scaffolding, rebuilding, and shaping up the students' progress is my expertise.

Professional background

Trainer and Teacher

How I work

I have worked as a vocational trainer for adult migrants, refugees, and youth from diverse backgrounds in Auckland with a flexible student-centered approach. I have provided English language, IELTS, soft skills, public speaking and leadership training to international students and working professionals. As a Vice President of Education with Toastmasters, I was involved in orgnizing events, contests and meetings, delivering speeches, coordinating with different clubs.



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Fish Philosophy

A magical book worth a read to bring transformation in our lives.

Pranoti Gupta  | 5 March, 2021

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Book Summary

Inspire the audience to read the book 'Rhinoceros Success' and motivate them to achieve grand success in their life.

Pranoti Gupta  | 18 February, 2021

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Health & Nutrition

Health and Nutrition have been a focus of our attention. Many are considering alternative natural options and remedies.

Pranoti Gupta  | 13 February, 2021

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The Veil

At Death All are Equal. A story of a war hero's funeral where the veil of discrimination, anger, pain is lifted.

Pranoti Gupta  | 29 November, 2020

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Nature prompts humanity to seek love in the pandemic world

Nature has been our best teacher during the pandemic. It taught us to balance between 'doing' and 'being'.

Pranoti Gupta  | 18 November, 2020

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Mental illness alternative remedy

A daily routine to uplift the minds to focus on the positives and make a shift with faith from depression to expression.

Pranoti Gupta  | 1 November, 2020