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I've been companioning adults in finding their purpose, their identity, their passion, restructuring their goals and formulating a plan for their future for 36 years. I work with: 1. High School Student-athletes transitioning into college athletics 2. College athletes transitioning into the job market and real world 3. Self-exploration 4. Long term and short term goals 5. Strategic plan for changes 6. Creating fulfillment in your life/work/relationships 7. New life/career direction

Professional background

Life Coach Certified from LPI

How I work

My sessions will provide you a safe space to explore your unique talents and gifts. I will empower and support you to make the changes and transitions you desire. You and I will establish a partnership of trust and connection. The initial consultation is free and we can decide if we would be a good fit for each other. Also, I have a 4 week/6/12 week packages.


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