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I am an NYC-basedLife Coach with a BA in Art Therapy, and under this quarantine, I obtained certification to work as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach. I use art-making, journaling, and other creative outlets to help people move beyond belief systems that are keeping them stuck. The life areas such as career, relationships, COVID-19, wellbeing, and even spirituality are all fair game and resonate well with creative expression.

Professional background

Therapeutic Art Life Coaching, Art Therapy, Textiles

How I work

I work with clients directly from my website: iamjuliette33.com There is a FREE consultation for all new clients: https://bit.ly/2DQFhMz The Inner Compass Online Art Project has been developed to help people address Covid-19 related anxiety, stress, and trauma, enrollment is FREE: https://bit.ly/2Boqok4 I offer hourly sessions at $50 and several pricing plans to accommodate any budget. I have related digital downloads for $5 or less and always creating more.



Inner Compass Online Art Project

Using mandalas, shapes, colors, and lines to gauge moods and thoughts for enhanced creativity! Enroll for FREE: https://bit.ly/2Boqok4

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