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My name is Romario Lela and my deepest desire is to see everyone thriving in life, but because life has it’s ups and downs, I decided to give myself to individuals that needs my help in life. If you looking for a friend, you have got one, if you looking for a life coach or counsel you have got one. I have a great skill to talk to young people when it comes to them. I am a great listener, confident, humble, understanding, good hearted, and friendly.

Professional background

I have 3 years of coaching and counseling experience

How I work

For 3 years I have been a leader, a friend and an example to a group of young adults. The times that i took to counsel each one of them was magnificent. There is a secret at coaching, every coaching session is learning lesson for me and my client, so I believe that we can work together



What’s a super power that we can all use in this pandemic?

We all have control over one power within us that nobody else have Over us. The power of choice.

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