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Experienced senior-level professional with a background in counseling and academics across diverse constituencies. Consistently creates positive change, quality outcomes by helping clients grow in the emotional and spiritual dimensions of their life. Leverages knowledge of best practices, to ensure excellence in counseling.

Professional background

M.S. Degree in Counseling and Development, M.A. Degree in Communication Studies

How I work

Each session is individualized for the client's unique needs. We try to better understand God's movement in your life and His will for you. Our mission is to help our clients transform their life's journey from stagnate or uncertain to dynamic and meaningful. Discussions may include the following: Spiritual Identity Development, Life Transitions and Challenges, Relationships with Others, Workplace Abuse, and Mental Health Issues. **Currently not accepting new clients.



The Foundation for Spiritual Growth

How do you perceive God? What is the impetus for your spiritual growth?

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Win or Lose

God’s perception of what constitutes a win or a loss sometimes differs from ours because he looks at the spiritual outcome.

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Triumph of Love Over Hate

Have you ever felt the sting of a microaggression or been a target of hate?

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Guarding the Heart

We are designed to love! But what kinds of relationships are a part of God’s will for your life?

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Crescendo of Love

How can love be measured in a relationship? How is faith related to hope?

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Crucible of Love

Ever feel like your love is being tested? We were designed to love and every relationship helps us understand ourselves.

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Unity in Love

Genuine love considers the welfare of others and always unifies.

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Breaking Point

Every person has an Achilles heel. But what is your breaking point?

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Designed to Love

What is true love in a relationship? And how do we love difficult people? This article asserts we are designed to love.

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