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I try to enjoy every second of my life, wether I work, spend time at home with my family or go to the supermarket. All time is quality-time because it is my time and someday there won’t be time to make choices and that’s why I traded my career in banking and finance for coaching. I enjoy analyzing humans more than data and there is no better feeling than to provide insight that makes life easier.

Professional background

CDD - Compliance - Finance - Entrepreneurship

How I work

Wether you want to overcome annoying habits, deal with stress, finally have time for yourself, feel confident and own your imperfections - we start from where your life is now and build to where you want to be using your underlying needs as a driver, your talents as your tools and your goals as a goalpost we can move anytime we reach them and repeat the loop - until we run out of time and choices - and that’s where our focus will be - learning to make correct choice in any situation - it works.


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