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I am a mainstream scientist and researcher with a flair for the esoteric. I am a highly intuitive channeler. I have the gift of easily accessing the Energy Field where the template for our physical life exists. I have transitioned from being the Founder and CEO of a western Medical Center, to fully immersing into the field of consciousness. Many clients have come forth grateful they have been inspired to take control of their lives.

Professional background

B.S.N., Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, Certified in Past Life Regressions, Crystal Reiki Master

How I work

I integrate main stream science with an integrative and intuitive approach. I have been coaching, mentoring, teaching meditation, mindfulness, and quantum techniques; I have conducted past life regressions. I also created and conducted the workshops: "Are you more than your physical body?" I have been doing intuitive energy readings, channeling and tarot readings. I’ve published articles on medical journals and other publications. I’m about to release a book about mindfulness .



Reprogramming subconscious beliefs

What are beliefs and how much of a role they play into our day to day life? How can we change these programmed beliefs?

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