Thomas Fenichel

Life Coach

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As someone who had started his professional life as a computer engineer and only in my thirties have I shifted to psychotherapy and coaching, I have experienced some radical changes. Moving from technology to psychology has forced me to make inner changes, and I have devoted now more than 20 years to the study and practice of self-transformation. My work aims at combining the depth of psychoanalytic thinking with practical transformation methods that can be implemented by anyone.

Professional background

psychoanalytic psychotherapist & Life Coach

How I work

I believe in finding the middle ground between the naïve belief in a quick fix and the other extreme of total disbelief in the possibility of change, or that change requires many years of psychotherapy that most people cannot afford for reasons of time and money. To this end, I have developed a working model of the personality and a meditative practice that enable deep self-transformation. It's not a quick fix but it's real and it will provide you the means to grow and change.


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On Shyness and the Human Condition

So many people held back by shyness nowadays. But what is shyness and what does it tell us about human nature?

Thomas Fenichel  | 6 August, 2020