Nicholl McGuire

Life Coach

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Nicholl McGuire has appeared on television, radio, and performed before live audiences. She assists individuals and businesses with nonfiction and business writing and provides spiritual and thought-provoking life teachings part-time. With over 25 years as a writing professional and 10 years as a dating and relationship blogger and ghost writer, this expert is able to bring valuable insight to writing projects and speaking engagements. Feel free to enlist her help with your next work today!

Professional background

Self-published author, spiritual speaker, and freelance writer

How I work

I assist clients via email, phone, and live chat. I help formulate a step-by-step plan when consulting services are requested. I provide professionally written material for businesses who need content. Lastly, I participate in online discussions on a variety of issues including: relationships, business, spirituality, and family. In the past, I shared personal experiences about being an African American woman living, working and being educated in the United States.


  • Guest appearance (podcast, live chat)
  • Consulting (nonfiction writing, book publishing, manuscript review)
  • Freelance writing (per article 400 words or less)