Heather Bezzina

Life Coach

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I am the founder of Willow coaching, Certified Life Coach,and Clergy member of the Spiritual-Humanist Church, mother of 2 and a grandmother to be (less than 3 weeks as of 8/2/20). From a diverse background, I have gained confidence throughout my life and pass on the tools and mindset to others who feel their personal lack of self confidence hinders them from becoming their personal best. As the population continues to expand at an enormous rate, we need to be armed with confidence & clarity.

Professional background

Provides guidance, accountablity as well as the tools to achieve positive results.

How I work

Having empathy, showing compassion, & holding confidenitiality as a priority. Valuing individuality with a box for of tools as each client is a indiviual and approaches should be treated in such manner.