Esther Ogunjobi


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I have years of experience of working in the voluntary/charity sector. Working with individuals and families, primarily in a supportive role also in community development. I can provide the most appropriate support for your needs. I am here to offer empathy, listen with passion to your needs without judgment, treat you as unique individual. I can help to restore confidence in your ability to cope and sense of control over your lives which can be disrupted when experiencing a crisis.

Professional background

MA Management, Diploma in Counselling and Coaching degree

How I work

I am passionate about helping and guiding my clients to gain a clearer insight of their emotional and mental health requirements. I have worked with clients in a diverse range of issues related to self-care, relationship counselling, stress management, Coronavirus anxiety. I practice with person-centered approach in collaboration with psychodynamic and CBT framework when required. My overall approach is to support my clients with practical strategies that allow them to achieve their goals.