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Hello there, I'm Aurelia, I'm 24 years old, and I started a career as a life coach for about a year now. Being French, I have been living for about 5 years in the Netherlands, and more specifically in Amsterdam. Over the last years, I have mostly been helping family members and friends to develop themselves in different areas of their lives based on what they wanted and needed for themselves: from changing nutrional habits, exercising again, dealing with emotional or psychological aspects.

Professional background

5 years learning about self-development, Studies in Social Sciences and Culture, and months of various trainigns

How I work

Since I have an NLP certificate, I use some of these techniques to work with your subconscious depending on the matter you are facing. But I can also work with questions, and other types of exercises that I see fit for the coaching session I have with a client. I usally work with a 2h session face-to-face and 1h and a half for online sessions to provide a maximum efficiency per session. Depending on your needs and desires, we can determine together the number of sessions for you.



How to Write Your Letter to the Universe

An article about writing a Letter to the 'Universe' to make the Law of Attraction works for you so you can get what you want

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A Short Guide to Naturally Get Rid of Your Acne and Stopping Skin-Picking

An article about how you can greatly reduce your acne and/or stop picking your skin.

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Where 80% of your happiness comes from

An article about a part of my experience with the 80/20 Principle and how it inspired me.

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Going Beyond a Book's Summary: Why Being Vulnerable Will Make You Braver.

An article based on the book 'Dare to Lead' written by Brené Brown.

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