Aurélia Robert

Life Coach

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Hello there, I'm Aurelia, I'm 24 years old, and I started a career as a life coach for about a year now. Being French, I have been living for about 5 years in the Netherlands, and more specifically in Amsterdam. Over the last years, I have mostly been helping family members and friends to develop themselves in different areas of their lives based on what they wanted and needed for themselves: from changing nutrional habits, exercising again, dealing with emotional or psychological aspects.

Professional background

5 years learning about self-development, Studies in Social Sciences and Culture, and months of various trainigns

How I work

Since I have an NLP certificate, I use some of these techniques to work with your subconscious depending on the matter you are facing. But I can also work with questions, and other types of exercises that I see fit for the coaching session I have with a client. I usally work with a 2h session face-to-face and 1h and a half for online sessions to provide a maximum efficiency per session. Depending on your needs and desires, we can determine together the number of sessions for you.



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