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Myself, T. Amose was a school level tutor for two years and six years ahead pursuing Ph.D on Energy Economics registered in Alagappa University, Karaikkudi. I have published more than fifteen articles at different national and International peer reviewed journals. I have obtained five international awards and being as a guest reviewer in such International journals. Still writing thesis, books and different types of articles are the major hobbies.

Professional background

Tutor and Research Scholar

How I work

Generalizing problems in recovering solutions by approperiate economic theoretical aspects is my way of work in research.



Are There Problems in the Sectors after the Lockdown?

Governments must redesign the guidelines for labours to recover the forthcoming temporary problems after the Lockdown.

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"An Economic Loss in the Gap Between Monetary Functions and Covid-19"

An information of economic life of society and Preferable tracks to mitigate the impacts of covid-19 among public.

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Livestock as economic productive factors

Livestock contains economic ability which empowers the economic status of people.

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