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I am fifty-four years old, married and I have two children. I am a certified Life Coach in many areas. I am currently studying hypnosis for international certification. I have many years of experience working with people who have Autism and people with emotional and or behavioral problems and people who just want to become the best version of themselves.

Professional background

I have an MS in Human Services, 95% of my course work is in clinical Marriage and Family counseling. I have worked with

How I work

I prefer to work online, text ,phone Zoom, or through this platform. I am also a contributor on Quora and Facebook.




How much conformity should we strive for?

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Rose Colored Glasses

How do you look at the world? This post explores three different world views.

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Fat Friend

We can rise above our wounds, from the inside out.

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To Serve or Be Served

Is it better to serve or be served?

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There is always hope! Sometimes the hardest thing is to take the first step forward.

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In the Middle

In the "middle" can be comforting, so can playing it safe but this is the difference between existing and truly living!

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"Quietly Quitting"

Where do you "quietly quit?" How do you stop?

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It is Okay to be Okay

In this article I explore the idea of it being okay to be okay.

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Making Mistakes

What do you do when you make a mistake? Do you lie? Do you own it? Can you learn from it?

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"What One Man Can Do

Ever had a dream of what you want the world to look and feel like?

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What Do you look like with out your makeup?

What do you look like without your mask? While wearing a mask maybe a metaphor this is about daring to show your naked face.

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Bob Dylan

How music can shape us

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"Changes Cannot be made to this Document

This is for anyone who has recently had a bad day!

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What is the price of growth?

This article is about personal growth and development!

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Nemesis Dogs

Nemesis dogs is a story that has the aim of getting "us" to pause before we react to something that may not be what it seems

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