Ricky Hogens

Life Coach

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My interest in psychology has been prevalent my entire life. As a young child, I often wondered about the functions of the brain and human behavior. Around age 12, I decided to become a “head doctor.” I knew there would be a lot of education involved in my decision; therefore, I took school seriously. After graduating high school, I attended Albany State University to obtain a BS in Psychology. I then successfully completed my Master’s degree in Human Services.

Professional background

My professional background includes over 20 total years in counseling, coaching, and consulting.

How I work

I currently provide services as a Life Coach, Career Coach, Relationship Coach, Anger Management Specialist, Mediator and School Counselor Consultant. Life-Coaching (which includes Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching and Anger Management) involves investigating the goals and objectives of your life and matching them to specific outcomes. General Mediation and/or Conflict resolution services resolve EEOC disputes, workplace disputes, juvenile cases, special education cases, and court cases.



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