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At school I was always described as academic and would love to be tutoring primary children in English and Maths as they will be unable to go to school due to COVID-19. I assisted younger school years with course work whilst at sixth form and regularly help my little sister with her homework. I am patient and good around children and have worked professionally in the recruitment sector and in administrative roles.

Professional background

Recruitment, currently studying a business HNCD.

How I work

I am happy to work through: email, zoom, Whatsapp, telephone call, and text, however, I would ideally like to speak with the individual so I can verbally explain as well as through text, picture and sending links for good videos, etc.



Learning From Home

Learning from home may initially seem like a daunting task, however, with tuition, it can actually be beneficial for a child. Being at home enables children to feel relaxed which allows them to learn increasingly well by having no fear of judgement from p

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