Sarah Mayston

Life Coach

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I am a personal life coach and hypnotherapist. I started my career supporting survivors of trauma and those with emotional behavioural problems, learning difficulties and mental health problems and later worked in forensic mental health. I then developed my career as a hypnotherapist and life coach. I now support people from a diverse range of backgrounds to move forward and to fulfil their potential. I do this as a non-directive life coach and as a hypnotherapist.

Professional background

Hypnotherapy, counselling, EFT, CBT, NLP, DBT, Shamanic counselling

How I work

I support my clients to identify their goals and create a plan to move towards achieving them. Clients can book me as a life coach or as a hypnotherapist. Some clients require both life coaching and hypnosis. I am able to offer both services but we would identify prior to the session whether the session will be a hypnotherapy session or a life-coaching session. I am happy to support you identify which would fit your needs.