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I am someone who loves working with a wide variety of can be seen in my career and life experiences. I started my career in the tech industry as a product and brand strategist. After achieving all I feel I could in tech, I started my own media company where I interviewed and engaged with high-profile CEO's and philanthropists. Whether you are looking to change careers, start a business or take your career to new heights, I am here to listen and help you achieve those goals.

Professional background

Fortune 500 Brand Strategist And Media Entrepreneur Turned Executive Coach

How I work

I believe all relationships are founded as a partnership. Solid partnerships require transparency, honesty and open communication. My role as your coach is not to judge, but rather to work together to set goals that you believe are measurable and attainable. We do this by first identifying what you are seeking to change and/or create in your life. Next, we will create action plans and along the way, we will create accountability metrics that are challenging, yet realistic.