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At one time or another, we all have issues with our significant partners which can cause roadblocks in relationships. We can break those issues down before they can become devastating and destructive. My name is Chet Spence, founder of Walking In Love Coaching. I help couples and individuals develop strong, meaningful relationships! I have helped several couples navigate through various streams of life and can help you have a stronger, richer, more fulfilling life as well.

Professional background

25 years of coaching and consulting

How I work

When you choose to live on purpose, that takes a plan. By working with me, we will: Discover - what's important to you; Define - what is your desired goal; Design - A relationship of trust, love, and respect Align - Who you are individually , and as a couple Engage - Take action! Assess - What's working and what should change



The Need for Forgiveness

The need for Forgiveness and the importance of letting go are crucial to the health of any relationship.

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