Eljeana Lee

Life Coach

50 $ / session
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Hi, I'm Eljeana Lee. I have my professional background in the helping field, of Social work, for 37 years, since the age of 13 years old..I knew my calling was to help people in all areas I am an Empath Coach, Trauma Coach, and Life Coach Coach also, a Natural Born, Empath myself. Since, the age of 2 years old I had the gift of absorbing, and being observant intuned people's energy, even when they attempt to cover up their pain and or emotions with a smile, I am also a Natural Healer, as well.

Professional background

Certified Life Coach, Counselor, Social Worker,37 years. Spiritual Advisor

How I work

As a professional I have worked in literally all aspects of helping, all ages and backgrounds. whether it was an infant that was developmentally delayed in the hospice, I worked in at 13 years old or a man that was severely injured in a boating accident, or teens and adults in Psychiatric wards, my client's always overcame and beat the odds. I never give up on people, and I teach them to keep going. I was my first client. My approach is to Life coach them(you) through a step by step process.